headshot of Andrew Hooper

Andrew T. Hooper

Helping You Become Empowered

In today's world there is no shortage of information on financial products and services. In fact, there is so much information that people find themselves paralyzed not knowing what to do. That is why I have worked with my team to create our process. We engage our clients through an educational approach to achieving economic empowerment.

I remember when my wife, Danielle, and I were financially lost. We had a large amount of debt coming out of college. We then added to that debt as we built our lives together. Then came kids and all of the expenses that came with them. I remember feeling like there was no way I could achieve my financial goals because every time I made more money I seemed to gain more expenses. I felt out of control.

This loss of control is what motivated me to start doing things differently. I could no longer sit back and watch my financial life unfold in front of me.

I had to ENGAGE myself to motivate change.

I had to follow an EDUCATIONAL approach to learn how to change.

I then had to evaluate my personal and business ECONOMIC situation.

Finally, I found EMPOWERMENT within the change.

No matter what stage of life you or your business are in, our practical approach will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you are just starting your career, have a growing family, are preparing for retirement, or are trying to maximize your retirement income, we can help you achieve your personal goals.

If you own a business and recognize that your #1 asset, your people, will help you to achieve real return in your business, we can help you to recruit quality, retain talent, and reward performance with our employee benefits programs.

I know everyone is not ready for change. I also know that everyone is not an ideal client for my firm... but, if you are like I was and are looking to do things differently AND are willing to engage in an educational process to achieve economic empowerment, Hooper Financial is for you.